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The attorneys of Haysbert | Moultrie LLP are trustworthy and experienced trial lawyers with the skills and knowledge needed to handle virtually any type of civil or constitutional rights case. We consist of strong and compelling courtroom advocates able to manage a diverse range of cases involving federal, state, and local statutes and protections. Our firm expertise includes Civil & Human Rights, Class Actions,  Anti-Terrorism, California Fires, and Sexual Abuse (Please Select One of the Icons Above for More Information On Those Areas of Our Practice). 


Civil rights are the personal rights and freedoms that the Bill of Rights of the Constitution guarantees to every American. When a government, municipality, state actor, or even certain individuals violate one of your guaranteed civil rights, you have the right to make a claim, file a lawsuit, and demand accountability and compensation. Such claims may involve matters including discrimination, police brutality and excessive use of force, due process violations, wrongful termination, and privacy violations.  

Our resolve is evident in our work upholding civil rights, where we tackle cases with exceptionally high legal barriers. Haysbert | Moultrie LLP has the legal savvy and resources to delivery top-notch results for our clients, and our firm has represented such clients in very difficult civil rights cases requiring extended periods of preparation. In doing so, we’ve managed cases that have presented particularly complex legal and factual issues. Our clients have included companies, the indigent and oppressed, internationally located civilians, and everyday individuals.


Class actions and mass torts are lawsuits brought by one or more individuals on behalf of a larger group of similarly harmed individuals. Such lawsuits may involve a wide range of legal issues, including defective and dangerous products, environmental damage, price fixing, false advertising, unfair business practices, wage and hour violations, predatory lending, ERISA, investment fraud, market manipulation, and other consumer protection matters. Potential clients may look to depend on our attorneys to develop streamlined and effective strategies that ensure class certification and plaintiff's claims at an early stage, to respond to the nuances of a particular defense, and to decisively litigate or negotiate an appropriate resolution.  

Sexual Abuse
California Fires

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