Haysbert | Moultrie LLP represents production companies, artists, athletes, directors, and other creatives, both domestically and internationally, in all matters related to entertainment transactions in the film, television, music, comedy, new media, literary publishing, art, and sports industries. We partner with our clients to develop opportunities for both short-term and long-term growth, project monetization, and the creation of diversified revenue streams. We also look to build our client’s visibility and longevity in the entertainment industry through strategic partnerships and corporate relationships.

These various clients share one thing in common: a commitment to cross-promoting their business opportunities over a variety of distribution platforms in an effort to strategically reach their respective targeted audiences. With professional experience in technology, communications, entertainment and sports, our attorneys deliver diverse perspectives and informed strategies designed to maximize the value of our clients' names, images, products and creative output across all platforms of media and entertainment. Our team assists clients in achieving their business goals by helping to avoid missteps in the execution of their projects and by protecting their assets and resources to sustain and build their personal and professional wealth and reputation.

Our attorneys have a deep appreciation for our clients’ businesses due to personal experience as executives, artists, creators and athletes. This experience allows our firm to facilitate worthwhile channels of content creation and collaboration for our clients. We know first-hand the creative and financial interests that drive the media, entertainment, and sports worlds. From past trends to perceptive predictions on what’s to come, we understand the business and creative decisions being made every day by creators, executives, and distributors to shape those sectors. This experience informs our counseling and enables us to assist clients in developing and identifying business opportunities in both traditional and nontraditional outlets.

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