Litigation has unfortunately become a routine part of life – both corporate and personal – in today’s society, and many people want a professional advocate when they become involved in a dispute, particularly if the dispute involves legal rights, legal wrongdoing, or threat of legal action against them. However, excellent alternatives to potentially protracted and expensive trials are provided by Haysbert | Moultrie LLP in the form of dispute resolution options.

When disputes arise, our skilled trial lawyers and litigators help our clients achieve optimum results by not only applying our extensive experience, but by learning what makes the most sense for our clients and their future success. From entertainment disputes to homeowner association/common interest development disputes, our clients include both individuals and businesses who inevitably become involved in disagreements from time to time. Recognizing that litigation should be the last resort, we advise clients on what they can realistically expect from lawsuits, and whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks and costs involved in litigation. 

In any dispute, clients must defend their interests and their assets. But when litigation goes public, the reputations of companies and individuals may also be at stake - not only in the courtroom but also in the court of public opinion. Therefore, in determining which method of dispute resolution to pursue, serving your best interests is our driving concern. Some of the factors we consider are the strength of your case and the cost and effectiveness of different approaches. After evaluating your situation thoroughly, we will craft a strategy designed to achieve your objectives in the most effective and efficient way. Certain approaches may include facilitated meetings involving exploration and discussion of issues, education of participants, gathering of third-party input, or making creative recommendations which adequately resolve the dispute. 

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